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Q. What Internet Speed do I need?

A. Need at lease 10 Mbps for download and 1 Mbps for upload speed.

Q. How to test internet speed?

A. To check Internet speed please go to: http//

     Download APK OOKLA speed test from Google Play Store or APP Store.

Q. Do I get Warranty of IPTV Box?

A. Yes, Box warranty for one year and accessories for 7 days.

Q. My IPTV Box not working properly?

A. Simply Re-start your IPTV box for most of problems.

Q. The Picture is not entirely black bands appear on the sides?

A. Adjust the aspect ratio of your TV to 16:9 format.

Q. Want to improve picture quality.

A. Reduce sharpens of your TV (Sony, LG, Samsung Etc) setting to zero and adjust contrast and brightness may improve picture quality. To make these      adjustment using your TV remote only.

Q. My Remote is not working?

A. Make sure batteries are insert new batteries.

Q. The picture Freeze and Legging?

A. The IPTV Box run on internet and consume High Bandwidth. 99% of time problem is due to your internet speed dropped down frequently and not stable. Contact your Internet Provider to make adjustment or up grade your internet speed as required.

Most of your internet problem fixed by just switch off your Modem/Router for one minute and then Re-star back or re-set your modem.

In some cases replace of old modem router can also fix problem.

Please check your Internet speed ( and match with recommending network speed required 10 Mbps to run IPTV box.

If your device not getting enough speed then contact your internet provider to check your internet line quality and ask for line test.

Q. No Image or No Mod support appear on screen.

A. First check your IPTV Box is on. See if LED on the front of the box is green. If not check power supply connection.

Check HDMI cable or T connector to you TV as well, whether it loose or not? 

Fronm TV remote check and select "Source"  AV or HDMI input.

If the above stated steps does not solve the problem, then follow these steps.

(a) Switch off your internet modem or router. After one minute start again.

(b) Re-star your IPTV Box and wait for 2 minutes.

Q. I want the latest firmware?

A. The IPTV Box automatically retrieves the latest firmware upgrade and prompt a message that ask you if you want to upgrade to latest firmware.

Thanks for using this IPTV Box.

For Support team call: 66-2-4130786

(Time: 09.00 AM till 20.00 PM)




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